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The Glitz and Weirdos of Hollywood Club Scenes in the 1980s and ‘90s

In the 1980s and 1990s, Hollywood’s club scene was a vibrant mix of glitz, glamour, and eccentricity. It was a time when the rich and famous mingled with the quirky and unusual, creating a unique and unforgettable nightlife. Photographer Stephen Jerrome captured this era through his lens, documenting the wild parties, art openings, and social gatherings that defined Tinseltown’s nightlife.

During this period, Hollywood clubs were the go-to spots for celebrities to let loose and enjoy themselves. Paul McCartney and his late wife Linda were often seen making silly faces and having fun. Their carefree attitudes were emblematic of the scene. Madonna, a brunette at the time, could be found playing hide-and-seek, blending into the eclectic crowd. Rob Lowe, with his adorably geeky glasses, was another familiar face, adding to the star-studded atmosphere.

These celebrities were not just there to be seen; they were part of the fabric of the club scene. They interacted with fans, other stars, and the odd characters that frequented these clubs. This mix of high-profile figures and everyday people created a dynamic and unpredictable environment.

The Photographic Chronicles

Stephen Jerrome’s series, “Hollywood: Uptown & Underground,” is a captivating collection of black and white photos that tell the story of this era. His work immortalizes movie stars, musicians, and fashion designers as they sipped cocktails and socialized. The photos capture a world that feels both familiar and distant. They show the unabashed mingling, open bars, and parties that lasted until dawn.

Jerrome’s photography is not just about the famous faces; it’s about the atmosphere. The images convey the energy, the chaos, and the sheer joy of those nights. They show the glitzy outfits, the extravagant hairstyles, and the wild antics that were all part of the experience. Each photo is a snapshot of a moment in time, a glimpse into a world that was as glamorous as it was bizarre.

Hollywood’s club scene was notorious for its opulence and excess. Clubs like The Viper Room, Whisky a Go Go, and The Roxy were hotspots for the entertainment elite. These venues were known for their exclusive guest lists, where getting in was a status symbol. Inside, the decor was extravagant, with neon lights, mirrored walls, and plush seating.

The music was a crucial element, with DJs spinning the latest hits and live performances from top bands and artists. The dance floors were always packed, with people dancing until the early hours of the morning. The bars were stocked with premium liquor, and the drinks flowed freely. It was a world where anything seemed possible, and the night could take you anywhere.

#2 Bruce Willis saying “Don’t take my fucking picture.” Stephen Jerrome was shooting at a private party hosted by Vanity Fair; the only photographer in the room. That’s Demi on the left.

#5 Clothing designer Pepito Albert during his L.A. heyday.

#6 A little trick in camera allowed photographer to extend the negative in-camera for this triple exposure…at some one-night loft party way downtown.

#7 One of the most famous models of them all, Petty Moffitt, hasn’t changed her look in fifty years, and she’s still as “now” as ever.

#8 Linda Lovitch in the legendary studio of the late photographer Steven Arnold.

#9 Toni Bazil and Terri Garr at the I-Hop on Santa Monica Blvd.

#10 Paul and Linda McCartney at a launch party for Linda’s last book.

#11 Slow motion dance performance, underground club style.

#12 Actor James Woods and one of the most beautiful women in the word…whomever she is!

#13 More silly nonesense at a club on Hollywood Blvd.

#15 Gallery owner David Fahey horse-playing around with photographer Herb Ritts and Richard Gere.

#17 Debbie Harry and jewelry designer Smitty backstage.

#18 The girls are asking, “Are you talking to me?”

#19 Model Lauren Hutton. She was on crutches that night.

#20 All for show at an underground club downtown…way off the Hollywood path. By day, the woman with the whip was a nurse!

#21 Madonna at a private party hosted by the late photographer Herb Ritts.

#22 Kirk Douglas photographed on the terrace of author Sidney Sheldon’s Beverly Hills home.

#23 Kitten Natividad, ex-wife of Russ Meyer, and Diane H. busting out at the Stock Exchange nightclub.

#25 Model Iman when she was partying alone…before her marriage to David Bowie.

#26 An in-camera triple exposure of a club kid downtown.

#28 Actor Vincent Price and wife Coral Browne, not long before Price passed away…this taken at a small fund-raising dinner in Beverly Hills.

#29 This rare gathering centers around model and famous muse, the late Tina Chow, second from left, with her father (left), son Max, her mother, and Tina’s former husband, Michael Chow at his restaurand in Beverly Hills.

#32 End of a long night as the Mona Lisa looks on glumly.

#33 Sly not getting kicked out of a club in Hollywood.

#34 Actor and model Steve Lyon with two friends af the Stock Exchange nightclub.

#35 Arnold Schwarzenegger, as handsome as he ever was in his pre-govenor days admired by Mrs. Vincent Minnelli, step-mother of Liza, at a private reception in Beverly Hills.

#36 Believe it or not, the artist inside this monster was a very handsome guy…at another no-name loft party.

#38 The models (and stylist in glasses) having fun after a fashion show.

#39 Jay Leno at a private reception hosted by the legendary Hollywood power agent Swifty Lazar…at the old Spago on Sunset Strip.

#41 Surprise guest Ivana Trump wearing Therie Mugler at a fashion show. Another rare visitation by the New York glitrerati.

#42 Valentino with model in the lobby of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel during a rare visit to L.A.

#44 The late photographer Herb Ritts with Daryl Hannah at Herb’s photo show in Hollywood.

#45 Actress Shawn Young seeing double at the old Bistro in Beverly Hills.

#46 Balthazar Getty and Drew Barrymore at a private party to celebrate the publishing of photographer Greg Gorman’s first book.

#47 Carrie Fisher and writer/actor Buck Henry at a small party to launch the film “Down and Out in Beverly Hills”.

#48 This young man, with five rings in his foreskin, died of AIDS, his wings unfinished.

#49 Anjelica Huston and Jack Nicholson, cornered at an art opening in Beverly Hills.

Written by Luna James

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